About ME

July 25, 2017

I was a registered Series 7 Retail broker at major firms such as Dean Witter (now  Morgan Stanley) and Paine Webber (now UBS Securities) and maintained a Series 24  Independent Branch office via  LPL Financial Services (Linsco Private Ledger).  Most of my registered tenure was long before BROKER CHECK, and was so long ago nothing shows up when I search for myself.  People tell me this is a good thing as it means there was never any judgements against me as those live forever.  In short, I was never very good at it anyhow, as I was a terrible salesman .

After that, I worked as an Oracle Database Engineer for over 23 years and continued to trade my own money in stocks, futures, & options. I still do Oracle consulting during the afternoons, but my mornings are for trading.

In 2015, I along with some other folks,  started a Trading Room service. I quickly realized the motivation of the trade room for some was to sell memberships, make money and generate a perpetual income stream not trade. I also learned how easy it was to bullshit people in a live trade room, using tactics that probably every trade room service uses. Such things as using a FAKE SIM account when demonstrating trades when members think its real. Long story short, my conscience could not handle it for more than a few months, so I bailed and decided to go my own way.
Now, I perform a completely FREE YouTube live stream each morning.
During that stream, I cover everything from futures, options, and stocks, and share everything I plan to do for the trading day.
This is my public service to the millions of traders who have been swindled, scammed, bullshitted, and ripped off by every trade room hustler out there.